The Bitter End - NYC

July 24th 2020 - 9:30p

" Reason & Rhyme "


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Petite Celine is a Franco-American fusion pop artist & multi-instrumentalist based out of Brooklyn, NY. Born to a French Air Force colonel and an American lawyer-gone-psychic-detective, Celine rebelled into the arts, excelling first in acting, working with directors such as Steven Spielberg and Clint Eastwood by the age of 11.


Growing up in New York City at an international school for army brats and children of ambassadors and diplomats, Celine’s favorite day of the year was always UN day. In this unique program, all the kids would take the day off from curriculum and show up dressed in the garb of their native cultures, bringing with them food, toys, and art from their motherlands to share. It was there that she first found her love and reverence for world culture.


In her own right, travelling often between two homelands, Celine got to experience differences in international music first hand. French radio often aired a diverse selection of music, featuring a wide variety of languages - exciting Celine, a multi-linguist herself - while US radio cemented her love for American Pop.


But it wasn't until college, when Celine found herself homeless with only a small suitcase and the guitar on her back, that she started performing her own compositions. Busking on the streets of Lower Manhattan for strangers, she discovered the awesome power music has to bring people together from all walks of life.


Today, Petite Celine tours internationally with these influences, dressing the stages with her colorful LED art creations and youthful face paint. Petite Celine's music in essence is a celebration of culture: fueled by fusion and uplifted by her love for Pop. It’s the sound of a trip around the world taken by Sia, Camille, and Brazilian Girls. This can be heard in a wide variety of collaborations, but most notably on her newly released fusion pop album, Man Made Fire, which incorporates several languages, musical influences and instruments from around the globe.


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